Good Dogma Pet Spa Animal Neglect Cruelty Abuse

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The employees here have no common sense and no customer service.I took my Kitty Sophie here for a lion cut and they cut her leg.

You dont even cut the fur in the leg when you do a lion cut, these people have no common sense. My kitty cat was severely injured and had to be taken to the ER immediately to get stitches. She was very scared. Also, I only found out she was injured when I took her out of the carrier and saw her leg bleeding.

I came back and they told me they didnt see. So, are you telling me that you cut a cat's skin that deep and she will not complain/ meow/yell? You can see a piece of the bone sticking out. This is a crime and these people should be arrested.

This is a serious case of animal neglect/ cruelty to attempt to conceal her wounds. Shame on you guys, also a Yelp review states that a dog died there and another had a seizure. The Department of Agriculture has to see this and shut you guys down!!!! As if it weren't bad enough still I have to chase you guys to get reimbursement for medical bills, this is very poor.

Not even want to give me the money back for the haircut. Do you think I am blind not to see that her leg was cut so deeply that you could see the bone? Please do not go there, you pet will die, also their facilities are dirty and filthy, more likely your dog will end up with ringworms. Stay away from them, they are so greedy and have no love for animals.

How can you not even take her to the vet?Under no circumstances take your beloved pet there, you have been warned!!!!

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